Infinite Love

Watching the #Tarren video and I’m honestly fangirling so hard because I know it’s like a dream come true for Tyler and it’s just…. unbelievable! I’m so happy for Tyler!!! GIRL. It’s about time this video happened!!!!

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This world history class is killer. We have to read 50 pages in the book. The book is too long. The PowerPoints are no help. It’s a bunch of useless information. My teacher does not know how to make PowerPoints. It’s an overload of information. 

We read to teach ourselves, we have to fill out a worksheet, and then the next day she’ll read from her 100 slide PowerPoint from the book. BORING. 


Message me for a PROMO to 69k! :) 

v i b e ✌ c o l s t a l

Brisbane - Australia (von Luke Zeme Photography)


a friendly reminder:
don’t hang out with people that make you feel bad about yourself

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